The Faith, Constitutional Freedom, and Our Destiny

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Marking the 350th Anniversary of the great Army debates under the presidency of Oliver Cromwell from 28th October, 1647 in the 15th century church of St. Mary the Virgin at Putney, London

Let the great debate begin ...

In 1997, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (and the Commonwealth) has arrived at a new watershed in the long history of its nation state -- a moment more decisive than any other it has faced in preceding centuries. Powers other than those of the parliament at Westminster now rule and dictate in this the Queen's Realm and other forces, committed to casting aside the basic integrity of society, are undermining the very foundations of the nation.

As in every other case in history of a collapsing civilization, we are seeing 'every man doing that which is right in his own eyes' having no moral restraints; but what is also apparent is that this lawlessness is a direct cause of a ever-increasing violent dislocation of society. Church and State no longer truly defend the Realm which is the prime responsibility of government.

It is quite evident that the politicians and the clergy, possessed by a fear of the 'politically correct', have given in to what amounts to moral warfare against the supreme standards of nationhood and civilization inherited from our forebears. They will have much to answer for in the years to come.

The 'Divine Right of Kings' eliminated in the 17th century with the establishment of a democratic parliamentary system of civil government, has returned in the form of a prerogative power exercised by an elite, who, by stealth, have brought about a state of constitutional illegality. Great statutes of the realm still in force, count for nothing in the face of prerogative power exercised by over-mighty subjects.

The binding of future parliaments and subjugation of our Common law by Roman Civil Law has broken the covenant between those who govern and hold the rod of justice under the Crown and the governed, the subjects of the Queen's Realm. Parliament at Westminster (and Ottawa) is now but a mere shell of its former self. In any other century, what has happened would have been called treason.

Our concept of government by the 'The Queen-in-Parliament' under God, consisting of Monarch, Lords (Senate in Canada) and Commons has worked best when all three have been in balance. For a considerable while now this has no longer been the case, for not only have the Monarch and the Lords (Senate in Canada) lost power, the Commons also has seen the Cabinet and the Prime Minister's department become more and more presidential, if not, dictatorial. Beyond this and since 1972, all have lost very considerable power to Europe, a process which continues daily like the movement of shifting sand in a tidal flow. (In Canada, Europe is having an ever increasing effect on our national policies and economy.)

When Charles the First was beheaded, the understanding was that he had broken faith with the people. In our day, the Queen has been caused to break faith with her subjects -- or placed in a position known at law as having been 'Deceived in Her Grant.' It is therefore, a legitimate action, which was enshrined by original statute law (Magna Carta 1215, 61st Article) and repeated with great distinctness by Henry III, to restrain and hinder by all means those responsible for the unlawful and unconstitutional use of prerogative power.

The break-up of the United Kingdom into regions will take place if future governments fail to take back the powers given over to Europe. (Canada as well is breaking up, albeit for differing reasons but this still affects the nation because Quebec civil law is European.) It is imperative that the long-term effects of devolution for Scotland and Wales and of the future of rural communities -- affected by decisions made by Europe -- be faced as a matter of the highest national importance. The people of the countryside have already been provoked to restrain those in government who have broken faith with them -- they will certainly not be the last to act. Added to this is the future of Northern Ireland which will remain crucial to the defence of the mainland.

Many other questions on behaviour in our constitutionally Christian society need to be debated, questions which threaten the family as the basic building block of society. It is the law abiding family that requires to be defended, not the single issue of the minority which has become an ever-increasing burden upon and destruction of the foundation family.

At this 350th Anniversary of the great Army debates under the presidency of Oliver Cromwell, we issue a call for a new 'great debate' on the Crown and Commonwealth -- the Spirit of the Covenant. the British nation must know itself once more and reawaken its spiritual and physical gifts of leading the nations in peace.

The foundations of our great nation must be restored. Let us look at them anew and indeed 'unto the rock form whence we were hewn,' as the people of The Faith, inheritors of a unique constitutional freedom and a destiny with global dimensions. Our imperative at this hour is not only for a great debate, but for a great Alliance to restore the British way of life.

The Divine Law: Foundation of the Nation

There was an extraordinary dedication to our biblical heritage shown in the great Army debate of 1647. In Cromwell our Chief of Men by Antonia Fraser, page 212, we read:''With their breaks for prayer -- the resolution for proceedings of the second day read "from eight to eleven to see God, etc." -- and in their earnest invocation of Scriptural texts and even the laws of the Israelites as equally relevant to the case as English laws, these debates must rank as one of the most extraordinary moots in British history.'

In the context of our heritage of the Divine Law, we should not forget Alfred the Great (871-901) and the fact that this enlightened ruler drew freely upon the Mosaic code and made many of these early Hebrew laws the laws of the Realm.

The one great difficulty regarding the absolute need of observing Divine Law by the nation which is responsible for much of the confusion regarding the relevance of that law today, has been the failure to recognize the distinction between the laws contained in ordinances and those given in Commandments, Statutes and Judgements. The lack of a clear definition of the Divine Law in each of its particular applications, especially concerning the operation of the ordinances, is responsible for most confusion.

In the book Digest of the Divine Law, (pub. 1943) by Howard B. Rand, LL.B, there is set forth the operation of the Law between firstly, those parts which govern the activities and operations of men and nations and secondly, the ordinances or ritual. These ordinances had their place and purpose in the Divine plan fully revealed through Jesus Christ in His life, ministry, death and resurrection. As to the laws apart from the ordinances, if we must obey some, then we are as a nation bound to keep them all! If indeed we can, with impunity, violate some, then God has failed and the Bible has ceased to be an authority for the guidance of our people and the nation -- which constitutionally it just cannot be. God has not failed and the authority of His Word stands immutable for the nation in its teachings and laws. The undermining of this authority is producing the present chaos at all levels in the Realm.

The New Covenant so stressed by the teachings of Christianity is, according to the Bible, definitely associated with the keeping of the law. Jeremiah prophesied and Hebrews affirms, 'I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts' (Jeremiah 31:33). If then the Christian citizen is not bound to keep the law, how can it be written into his heart?

Our leaders in Church and State need to realize that we are not required constantly to rewrite the national laws as if some new path of enlightenment has been received. The ordinances of the Divine law -- the sacrifices -- have passed away now that Christ has come. What remains are the Commandments, Statutes and Judgements. What we have today are many Aarons building golden calves which the citizens of our nation are being encouraged to worship.

We need to familiarize ourselves again with our great heritage of the Divine Law, before the present lawlessness drags the nation fully into the pit of despair and death. As the result of God's recognition of the needs of men, there has been revealed to mankind a supreme standard of law for the nation, the keeping of which will bring prosperity and happiness to all people everywhere. Observance, with the resultant peace and goodwill, will characterize all national and international relationships. We shall be a nation at peace with ourselves and lift high once more a moral standard for the nationals of the world.

For the nation which is founded upon the supreme national code of law, our return to true leadership can but draw us back to the Divine Law. The great Army debates of 1647 took place because a civilian New Model Army was behind Cromwell -- the middle ground majority spoke and acted to deliver the nation from the corrupt court of Charles the First. Today we see Church and State in almost lifeless forms about to be buried by a global paganism and growing politico-economic dictatorship in Europe; it is the only alternative to (unfortunate result of) the rejection of the supreme code of law for the nation.

In remembrance of all those who have fought and died for The Faith and our constitutional freedom and for our children who will come after us -- let the civilian army of the 21st century be an Alliance of all those who know that what Great Britain was in the past, the United Kingdom can be in the future.

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