Ark of the Covenant in Ireland?   Jeremiah, the druids, and the lost tribes of Israel

Finding the Ark of the Covenant will change the course of history. It is the lost link to the Israelites of the Old Testament. Find the Ark and you find the so-called lost ten tribes of Israel, and clearly point to their national identities today.

Will the Ark of the Covenant be found in Ireland?

Just a hundred years ago the knowledge of Ireland and England's true history was common knowledge in their institutes of higher learning and amongst the clergy. The coming of the age of German Rationalism swept clean the understanding of our roots in colleges and universities. Let's ask a few simple questions.

Why did Northern Ireland use the red hand within the Star of David as a national banner, until the 1970's? Why does Irish folk-lore have the legend of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow ? Why is it that only the ' little people ' know the location of the pot of gold? Where did they get the idea of calling Ireland the 'Emerald Isle'?

These questions and the Irish Chronicles and legends affect the destiny of the peoples of the British Isles. The Celtic and Nordic peoples were famous for writing down their exploits and travels. They were very cultured and learned peoples. You will learn of the connection of the Druidic Colleges , Gaulic Europe and the Roman Empire. The Romans sent their young men to the Druidic Colleges to be Educated. Why?

Here are more noteworthy questions: Why did Jeremiah the prophet go to Ireland? What did he take with him? How is it that he could communicate with the locals so easily? Why was there no war when he brought the Hebrew religion to Ireland. Why is it that the Apostles, who went to the British Isles, found willing ears to their message? Why did it take war to bring Gentile Christianity (the Roman church) to Britain in the fourth century A.D.?

Much of this history has been deliberately suppressed from our schools and universities. You will learn WHY. The Celtic, Nordic and Anglo-Saxon peoples should be thrilled at the links to their roots. This restored history links the British and Irish people to the Land of Israel and their Hebrew ancestors, the Children of Israel.

Does God intend to bring the Ark of the Covenant out of its hiding place? Does God intend to place the Ark in a temple in Jerusalem - for all the world to see? What purpose would this serve? What part does this play in Bible prophesy and the Apocalyptic end of this age? The answer to these questions is the real importance of this article!

Irish Legend

Have you ever seen the Walt Disney movie: Darby O'Gill and the Little People ? If you haven't, it is a good idea to rent it. About fifteen minutes into the film there is a scene which accurately depicts much of the Irish legend surrounding: the 'wishing' well , the harp of David, the horn of David, the throne with the ' birthstones ' of the twelve tribes of Israel, the Stone under the throne, the Pot of Gold , the ' little people '; all these symbols are a part of Irish legend, and they are in the film. You have to see the film to appreciate the significance of this point. The writers knew their Irish history.

The wishing well : Remember the story of the well where Joseph was hidden and the blood soaked torn pieces of his coat of many colours (or kilt , as is worn today). Note: north and western Ireland was once called Scotland, and they had the kilt of may colours as well.

Irish legend has wishing wells, with small bits of torn clothing placed about the edge. This is a repetition of the story of Joseph, acted out as a legend (though slightly modified), carried to Ireland by the prophet Jeremy (Jeremiah) and his companion Barech, from Palestine.

"Sacred wells are common in Ireland, and Joseph's elevation in Egypt was brought about by his being put in a pit (Genesis 37:24); but in the Septuagint is cistern (as are common in Palestine), and the Vulgate has cistern , and Fenton has well. It is near these Irish wells that torn garment rags are placed; and it was at the well that Reuben rent his clothes , because Joseph was not in the well." (British History Traced From Egypt & Palestine And Other Essays, Israel in Ireland , Covenant Publishing Company Limited, 1927.)

The pot of gold : This is a reference to a pot made of gold, not filled with gold. This is none other than the Ark of the Covenant (covered in gold) which is depicted in the throne room of God, and is under the rainbow - in heaven.

The 'little people' : Just as the angels disputed over the body of Moses, at his death, the angels disputed over the hiding place of the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark is hidden and the angels still dispute over this territory. Why do you think the Irish have hatred continually between north and south. This is a spiritual battle , which continues to this day. The Gentile Christian Church (Roman Catholic) would like nothing better than to control all of this land. With it, they would control the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant. Keeping the Ark hidden behind legends hides the real roots and national background of the people of Ireland. They are Israelites. That is why Jeremiah took the Ark, other items, and the royal princesses to that area of the world. They were to be re-united with the remnant of their own people - Israel. The Danites and the Simeonites (the 'fighting Irish') live there today.

The birth stones : The emerald is the stone for the tribe of Dan, a tribe of Israel, which migrated early in Israel's history, to these 'isles a far off', that is Ireland, which is a part of the British Isles.

Historical Record

In the book: Tracing Our White Ancestors , by Frederick Haberman; we read: "Irish historians are unanimous that about 580 B.C. there arrived in Ulster a notable man, a patriarch or saint, accompanied by an Eastern princess, and a lesser person by the name of Simon Brach , or Barech. This party brought with them several remarkable things about which Ireland's songs and legends cluster; those things were a harp (David's harp), and a wonderful stone - the Stone of Destiny - the Lia Phail.

...Irish tradition tells us that Jeremiah married the princess Tamar Tephi to Eochaidh, the Heremon, or head king of Ireland, after the latter embraced the worship of the true Jehovah. Jeremiah became the chief figure in Irish history, life and religion."

In the book: Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright , by J. H. Allen; we note that Jeremiah, Simon Brach, a princess (daughter of an eastern king) and that the royal party carried with them the harp, an ark and the stone called Liafail. This ark is nothing other than the Ark of the Covenant .

Irish history tells us, that the last place the Ark of the Covenant was seen - is Ireland !

Irish History Destroyed by Rome

Twenty Irish histories agree that Jeremiah the prophet in about 585 B.C., came to Ireland. He brought important items from Jerusalem. One item was the Ark of the Covenant. He was the Patriarch Saint of Ireland. The title evolved to Saint Patriarch. The Roman Catholics sainted a Christian missionary named Patrick, who died in the county of Down, on March 17, 465 A.D. This slick trick, was recorded by history as fact. This Patrick was not the traditional patron of Ireland.

"The fact is, Rome began early to covet Ireland. Once they got possession, it was necessary for them to destroy the influence of Jeremiah . This they did, in part, by substituting the name of St. Patrick in the place of the prophet's; and more, they then set to work to destroy even the old and famous capital city of Tara .

In 565 (A.D.) St. Ruadham, along with a posse of bishops and chiefs of the South of Ireland, cursed the city, so that neither King nor Queen might ever rule or reign therein again. They forced the government, monarchy, and people to abandon the place. From thence Tara was deserted..." (The Ten Lost Tribes, Rev. Joseph Wild, D.D., 1883, London: Robert Banks, Printer, Racquet Court, Fleet Street, E.C.)

It is clear how Irish legend has been perverted and twisted to "suppress the truth in unrighteousness". After Tara, the influence of the Roman Catholic church is pervasive in destroying the traditions of the Tuath de Danan, with false stories - lies. What has filtered down through history are mere shadows of the truth. Hidden are the records of the Hebrews who transplanted their royal lineage and priesthood from Palestine to Ireland, for safety. Jeremiah and Barech are lost to us. Their deeds are to be re-discovered in our generation.


The fact that the last place the Ark of the Covenant was seen, was Ireland, is a matter of historical record. Historians reject it as legend and prose, nevertheless it is recorded history. This fact is not as important as the question: will God use the Ark again to demonstrate that the nation of Israel is the nation He is working through?

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